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Not Part of the Plan- GirlDefined

I was so thankful to again be chosen to be a part of the launch team for GirlDefined’s new book: “Not Part of the Plan: Trusting God with the twists and turns of your story.” I was so excited when they announced this new book. I’ve been so encouraged as I’ve followed the story of Bethany’s long journey of singleness and Kristen’s trial of infertility. Their openness to these struggles have encouraged me so much as I see their love for the Lord grow even in the midst of hard. I remember hearing Kristen share of her third miscarriage at the 2019 GirlDefined conference- months after a big and hard life disappointment for me. I was lost and confused and my only hope was to cling to the Lord as my life didn’t go in the direction I had hoped it would. And hearing the struggle Kristen had gone through and how the Lord comforted and worked in her heart was so helpful.  I was so excited to read this book. I’ve loved every book of theirs. It’s so personable and so very practical. They share thei

Phantom Stallion serious

   Dark Sunshine:
 Sam has rescued a horse, from thieves who were treating Dark Sunshine (the horse) in an awful manner, leaving the poor horse to trust no human, ever.  But Sam strives to help this horse, after she takes the horse back to her ranch, she treats him with kindness trying to get the horse to trust her.  Sam is also out to find the horse thieves and save other horses from this horrible treatment.

  The Renegade:
Sam's all time favorite horse in the world is the Phantom.  This is a wild horse, who is the leader of other wild horses.  But  Karla Starr comes in town, to "buy" horses for the wild horse competition.  Sam soon comes to worry about the Phantom, Karla also will take a horse.  Sam is now out to save the horse form any danger that might come.  But can she do it?

      These are 2 great books!!!


  1. She Can!!! Good job Alyssa. Are you reading about horses cause your going to be around some soon?


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